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Alison Easton

Head of Chambers


Alison is a highly experienced and dedicated family practitioner who specialises in the law relating to children. Within public law proceedings she is regularly instructed by the Local Authority but also has extensive experience of representing parents and children. She has particular expertise in cases which involve medically complex facts, non-accidental injury and death, factitious illness by proxy and serious sexual abuse. She has a specific interest in the factually challenging cases of emotional abuse and chronic neglect which always have the potential to bring significant and enduring impairment to children. Alison has regularly represented parents who present with mental health problems and/or addiction difficulties and believes that, as with all parents, client care coupled with robust advocacy is critically important during one of the most distressing episodes of their life. 

Alison has considerable experience in representing children in complex private law cases and has regularly appeared on behalf of NYAS/CAFCASS. Many of her cases include serious allegations of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Alison has appeared in a number of relocation cases, both domestic and international and cases which have an international element in them. 

Alison regularly appears within the Court of Protection and has represented all parties within this jurisdiction. She has appeared in cases which have involved complex factual and legal issues and which have required a careful and forensic evaluation of those issues to ensure the core principles at the centre of The Mental Capacity Act 2005 have been preserved. 

Alison has extensive experience within the field of family finance. She has regularly appeared in cases which involve high net worth clients and at all levels of court. 

Alison has presented lectures and seminars to in-house legal teams as well as at the Local Government Conference. 

She is a regular contributor to Family Law Weekly. 

Practice Areas


Public Law Children

Private Law Children

International Family Law

Local Authority

Education and Professional Memberships

Birmingham University (LLB Hons) 

Inns of Court School of Law 

Family Law Bar Association 

British Association for Adoption and Fostering 

Barmark Committee (Bar Council) 

Inner Temple 


In the matter of the Children Act 1989 and in the matter of YC, PC AND KM (Minors) 

[2013] EWHC 2336 (Fam) 


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