The Legal 500 UK 2023 Rankings Released- Coram moves up a Tier

Coram Chambers are thrilled to have been promoted as a set in the 2023 Legal 500 UK Bar in Children (including Public and Private Law) to Tier 2 from Tier…

Coram Chambers are thrilled to have been promoted as a set in the 2023 Legal 500 UK Bar in Children (including Public and Private Law) to Tier 2 from Tier 3. This is a cumulative and shared success for all those who were involved in this process.

Coram has had notable promotions at an individual level too with Mark Twomey KC promoted to Tier 2. Sarah Branson, Alison Easton, Bianca Jackson and Alex Laing gained new rankings in Tier 4 while Amanda Bewley and Sarah Tyler joined the rankings for the first time in Tier 5.  

In Finance, Alex Laing was newly ranked in Tier 4.  Alison Easton and Nick O’Brien maintained their rankings in Court of Protection. 

The full rankings and quotes are as follows:


Tier 2

Mark Twomey KCCoram Chambers ‘Mark is a wise, considered, knowledgeable, and empathetic barristers and truly a good person.’

2021 Silks

Shiva Ancliffe KCCoram Chambers ‘Shiva is extremely intelligent and has a forensic approach to cases. Her advocacy skills are excellent, and submissions are very impressive.’


Tier 1

Martha CoverCoram Chambers ‘Martha is an institution – wise, independent, with a lovely turn of phrase. She deploys her wealth of experience very effectively in representing often vulnerable clients.’

Tier 2

Victoria RobertsCoram Chambers ‘Victoria is the full package. She is excellent on paper and in her advocacy. She is detailed, thoughtful and skilled in advancing arguments for her clients.’

Tier 4

Sarah Branson  – Coram Chambers ‘Sarah’s oral advocacy has to be her primary strength and has an exceptional knowledge of the law and keeps up to date with recent case law developments. She has amazing ability to think on her feet, and her knowledge and experience is evident from talking to her. She is able to explain complex legal concepts and advise clients in a way which enables them to understand the case.’

Alison Easton – Coram Chambers ‘Alison is forensically outstanding. She always maintains a highly professional manner, focusing solely on the evidence and where it leads. She is highly skilled advocate who takes control of a case and guides the judge, taking them to where they need to be in both cross-examination and in written and oral submissions. She is a first class leader in whom professional and lay clients can have supreme confidence.’

Bianca Jackson  – Coram Chambers ‘Bianca is a calm and well prepared barrister. She is sensible before the judge and avoids unhelpful point scoring. She gives straightforward advice and handles difficult clients well.’

Ramanjit KangCoram Chambers ‘Ramanjit is always very well prepared. Her attention to detail is fantastic, always goes the extra mile, and clients like working with her and are confident when being represented by her.’

Alexander Laing –Coram Chambers ‘Alexander is a singularly hardworking, dedicated and very effective member of the Bar. His position statements and written submissions are always filed on time and are always comprehensive and succinctly identify all of the relevant issues which the court will have to determine. His oral advocacy is of a similarly excellent quality. His oral submissions are pithy and focussed. He has full command of the papers and of the factual and legal issues in each case. He is a most effective and persuasive advocate.’

Anarkali MusgraveCoram Chambers ‘Anarkali is a sharp and robust advocate. She is always one step ahead of her opponent. She is a leading advocate in the realm of parental alienation in children cases, and her knowledge in this area is hard to beat.’

Judith PepperCoram Chambers ‘Judith is an incredible advocate. She is able to deal with her examination in chief in a very-sensitive way but still was effective in bringing out all the points that needed dealing with.’

Tier 5

Amanda Bewley Coram Chambers ‘Amanda is a very dedicated advocate who cares passionately about her work. She is down to earth, and her approach calms clients.’

Gill Honeyman Coram Chambers ‘Gill’s strengths are her forensic mind, attention to detail, and ability to apply those skills to most effectively representing her clients.’

Siobhan KellyCoram Chambers ‘Siobhan has an excellent manner with clients and professionals. She can explain complex points of law to lay clients in a way they understand. Her advocacy is exceptional and skilled, and responds promptly to any emails or request for further information.’

Richard O’Sullivan Coram Chambers ‘Richard is extremely able and amiable advocate. His submissions are always on point and make complete sense.’

Matthew RichardsonCoram Chambers ‘Matthew is extremely competent advocate, the quality of his written and oral advocacy are impressive. He goes above and beyond and works very hard to achieve a positive outcome for his clients.’

Sarah Tyler  – Coram Chambers ‘Sarah is an excellent advocate, persuasive and practical in her submissions and always impeccably prepared. Her cross-examination is focused and effective.’

Rising Star

Jack Harrison – Coram Chambers ‘Jack is very good at putting clients at ease, and adopts a collaborative approach to working with instructing solicitors. His advocacy is clear and helpfully straight forward. His oral submissions are based on substantial preparation, and his notes are always clear.’

Coram Chambers

Coram Chambers is a ‘well-rounded solid set suitable counsel available for cases of all levels of complexity’. Mark Twomey KC has ‘unrivalled knowledge and skills in children law’ and acted in Supreme Court case Re T, related to deprivation of liberty of children after a child was locked up by a local authority in an unregistered children’s home. Martha Cover is ‘very adept at representing vulnerable clients’ and has a particular interest in cases involving emotional harm. Victoria Roberts has ‘strong court room advocacy’ and focuses on public children law representing all parties. Rising star Jack Harrison is ‘extremely knowledgeable and skilled at cross-examination’ and is currently handlingn on behalf of the surviving child, a case where the parents had allegedly killed one of their baby twins.


‘Coram Chambers is a very approachable set and availability of counsel is excellent.’

‘Coram is an excellent set of chambers.’

‘Coram Chambers has been the go-to chambers for decades and never let you down.’

‘Coram Chambers offers a broad range of calls and specialisms in every area of family law.’

‘Coram Chambers is a strong set for children law work.’

‘Coram Chambers has a fantastic range of barristers, both in terms of seniority and expertise.’  

Matrimonial Finance (divorce and financial remedy)

2021 Silks

Michael Horton KC –Coram Chambers ‘Michael is highly intelligent, intellectually rigorous. He is always impeccably well prepared and researched so judges give them time and just as importantly clients listen to their steer.’

Tier 2

Greg Williams –Coram Chambers ‘Greg has excellent judgment and is able to get to the heart of a case quickly, despite its complexities. His drafting and position statements are compelling and he is always at hand to guide and help. He is a good negotiator, reasonable and realistic with clients. A favourite go to barrister for anything complex.’

Tier 4

Alexander Laing –Coram Chambers ‘Alex is is amazing on the detail, and absolute go-to barrister on all matters.’

Jacqueline Marks –Coram Chambers ‘Jacqueline is insightful, incredibly good at the detail of a matter and has excellent client handling skills.’

Matthew Richardson –Coram Chambers ‘Matthew is very thorough and has a good rapport with solicitors and clients, smoothing clients through the process with empathy and professionalism.’

Court of Protection and Community Care

Tier 3

Alison Easton

Nicholas O’Brien – Coram Chambers ‘ A safe pair of hands, who provides very clear and measured advice. He is practical and good on his feet. ’