Coram Chambers excels in Legal500 2024 results

Coram Chambers are thrilled to have been coined a Leading Set in the 2024 Legal 500 UK Bar in Family: Children and Domestic Abuse (including Public and Private Law) and…

Coram Chambers are thrilled to have been coined a Leading Set in the 2024 Legal 500 UK Bar in Family: Children and Domestic Abuse (including Public and Private Law) and Family: Divorce and Financial Remedy.

Coram has had notable promotions at an individual level too with Shiva Ancliffe KC promoted to the Silks table from the New Silks list. Alison Easton and Alex Laing have both been promoted to Tier 3 from Tier 4 and Richard O’Sullivan has been promoted to Tier 4 from Tier 5.

John Thornton, Chris Archer, Caroline Croft, Anne-Marie Glover and Anna Walsh gained new rankings in Tier 6.  

In Finance, Michael Horton KC has been promoted into the Silks Table from the New Silks list. Jacqueline Marks and Sarah Tyler are newly ranked in Tier 4 and Alex Laing moved up to Tier 3 from Tier 4.

Alison Easton and Nick O’Brien maintained their rankings in Court of Protection. 

The full rankings and quotes are as follows:

Family: Children and Domestic Abuse

Leading Silks

Mark Twomey KC –Coram Chambers ‘A superb advocate, both in terms of oral argument and written work. Right at the top of his game. Mark commands the judges’ respect due to his highly tactical approach to his cases. Devastating in cross-examination and formidable in legal argument. An all round class act.‘ Ranked: Tier 2

Shiva Ancliffe KC –Coram Chambers ‘Shiva is authoritative, skilled with judges, and is a powerful force as a trial advocate.‘ Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Martha Cover –Coram Chambers ‘Martha is clever, gets on well with judges whilst able to appropriately challenge the Local Authority’s case. She is not afraid to think laterally in order to bring about the best outcome for her client. She fights for justice for those whom she represents.’ Ranked: Tier 1

Victoria Roberts –Coram Chambers ‘A fearless advocate who delivers cross-examination meticulously.‘ Ranked: Tier 2

Alexander Laing –Coram Chambers ‘Alexander is able to do his job with such skill and make it look so easy. His advocacy is exceptional. He is measured, patient and persuasive. He can read the judge and knows when to push and when to not.‘ Ranked: Tier 3

Alison Easton – Coram Chambers ‘ A very clear thinker with great economy in her written and oral advocacy. She has encyclopaedic knowledge of the papers and focused attention to the most relevant parts. A real star of the family Bar.’ Ranked: Tier 3

Ramanjit Kang –Coram Chambers ‘Ramanjit is an extremely strong advocate on her feet, able to think quickly and deal with any issues that arise without anything fazing her. She is highly tenacious and will fight strongly for her client and their best interests to the utmost, even in the face of strong opposition.’ Ranked: Tier 4

Anarkali Musgrave –Coram Chambers ‘Anarkali is forensic and thorough with the evidence and sees points of argument which no one else has seen. She is flawless in court and her client care is always well attuned to the specific needs of the individual.‘ Ranked: Tier 4

Judith Pepper –Coram Chambers ‘Judith is an incredibly talented barrister, especially when it comes to matters which require significant forensic evidence challenging. She really is able to look at both the small minutiae but also the larger picture, allowing the lay client to have a well-rounded, full representation.’ Ranked: Tier 4

Richard O’Sullivan Coram Chambers ‘Richard has a very calm and relaxed style but always manages to maintain a rigorous and relentless focus on the relevant issues, which judges appreciate hugely. In submissions, he exudes clarity and efficiency, making his points powerfully which is very persuasive. His manner with lay clients is hand-on, making sure that they fully understand the issues and his approach, feel engaged and empowered.‘ Ranked: Tier 4

Sarah Branson  – Coram Chambers ‘She is very experienced in representing clients where mental health is a key issue. She knows the law and arguments for vulnerable clients with mental health issues.’ Ranked: Tier 4

Bianca Jackson  – Coram Chambers ‘Bianca is a brilliant barrister. Her knowledge of the law is excellent and she is always compassionate to clients. Bianca is very easy to talk to, which makes a difference to clients in care proceedings.‘ Ranked: Tier 4

Amanda Bewley – Coram Chambers ‘Amanda is very personable with a quiet confidence and is very dedicated to her clients. Her written advocacy is excellent and when addressing the court orally always tends to have the ear of the judge, due to her understated but knowledgeable and well prepared style.’ Ranked: Tier 5

Sarah Tyler  – Coram Chambers ‘She works phenomenally hard for her clients and has tremendous empathy. If you want a barrister who fights for you with all her strength, she’s the one.‘ Ranked: Tier 5

Matthew Richardson –Coram Chambers ‘Matthew has an incredible ability to think on his feet, and to think outside of the box. He has a wonderful mind. These skills are ideal for an advocate and translate to his oral and written advocacy seamlessly. ‘ Ranked: Tier 5

Gill Honeyman Coram Chambers ‘Gill has a forensic intelligence and is able to adapt her advocacy to the particular circumstances of the case and her client to achieve the best possible outcome.‘ Ranked: Tier 5

Caroline Croft  – Coram Chambers ‘Caroline is extremely strong in cross-examination. She really digests the whole case and even picks up on small details that make all the difference. She is great with clients, very empathetic and explains clearly to them in plain language.’ Ranked: Tier 6

Anne-Marie Glover  –Coram Chambers ‘Anne-Marie combines excellent client care and forensic skills. Her preparation is extensive and immaculate. She is fearless in representing her clients and gives clear, measured advice.’ 

Anna Walsh  – Coram Chambers ‘Anna is simply an excellent barrister. She is an all-rounder and a very safe pair of hands. Her advocacy is persuasive, and she has gravitas. Her drafting of documents is meticulous and comprehensive.’ Ranked: Tier 6

Christopher Archer – Coram Chambers Ranked: Tier 6

John Thornton – Coram Chambers ‘A strong advocate who has a no-nonsense approach. He is particularly strong at representing fathers accused of posing a significant risk. His blunt style is powerful and effective.‘ Ranked: Tier 6

Family: Divorce and Financial Remedies

Leading Silks

Michael Horton KC –Coram Chambers ‘Michael is highly intelligent, intellectually rigorous. He is always impeccably well prepared and researched so judges give them time and just as importantly clients listen to their steer.’ Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Greg Williams –Coram Chambers ‘Greg is technically astute, knowledgeable and a calmly persuasive advocate. Steely in court.’ Ranked: Tier 2

Alexander Laing –Coram Chambers ‘He is incisive, always well-prepared, very confident and composed.’ Ranked: Tier 3

Sarah Tyler  – Coram Chambers ‘Sarah is incredibly clever and incredibly dedicated. She works magic both in and out of the court room with her calm and measured approach.’ Ranked: Tier 4

Jacqueline Marks –Coram Chambers ‘She has a quiet authority and has the ear of the judge in court.’ Ranked: Tier 4

Matthew Richardson –Coram Chambers ‘An exceptionally knowledgeable individual, who can put a case across clearly and succinctly.’ Ranked: Tier 4

Adrian Barnett-Thoung-Holland – Coram Chambers ‘He is very articulate, straightforward, pragmatic and clear with clients. He is very efficient and reliable which puts instructing solicitors and the clients at ease during stressful court proceedings.’ Ranked: Tier 4

Court of Protection and Community Care

Leading Juniors

Alison Easton –Coram Chambers Ranked: Tier 3

Nicholas O’Brien –Coram Chambers Ranked: Tier 3

Our award winning clerking team were also recognised for the unparalleled serviced they provide clients.

Harry Butcher will do anything and everything to help. The team are always available and know what it is you need. You can tell that they have good relationships with their barristers and are honest and upfront.’

Joe Bernard and George Mo are both exceptional. The whole clerking team is helpful and attentive and will work to find the right counsel for a particular case.’

‘Overall, Coram offers a good level of service and responds promptly to enquiries and with updates if there is a unavoidable change of circumstances. I have found George Mo and David Sadler in particular to provide good support.’

‘The clerks’ room offers excellent support to my firm in terms of the services they provide.

Like every year, this is a cumulative and shared success for all of those who were involved in this process and we thank our clients and referees for their positive feedback.