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Press Release – Chambers & Partners 2018

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Press Release – Chambers & Partners 2018

We are proud to announce that Coram Chambers have continued to be recognised in the Chambers & Partners 2018 edition; ranked Band 3 in Family: children –London (Bar); with a further 8 members being ranked ‘Leaders in the field’

‘Members are committed to handling children issues on behalf of vulnerable clients in complex proceedings, and are well regarded for their representation of parents and children in private law matters.’

Professional sources also say: “The clerks are incredibly good and you know you are not going to get messed around. They are going to get on with things and get things sorted for you.”

Our ‘Leaders in the field’ include:

Mark Twomey QC
“He’s incredibly intelligent and brilliant in an understated way as he has it all carefully figured out. He’s very analytical and he will fight fiercely for the client even when you know all the odds are against you.”

Martha Cover
“A very fine practitioner who is so experienced that she makes everything she does seem effortless. She is exacting in her approach and can change the complete course of how a case is running by looking at it in a holistic way.”

Jane Drew
“She’s a really, really strong advocate who excels in cross-examination. If you have her on board you know she’s not going to let the other side have one over on you.”

Susan George
“She’s very well respected by judges and other lawyers. If she makes a point in a case she’s listened to because she is never known for saying things for the sake of it.”

Shiva Ancliffe
“She’s a good advocate and a good cross-examiner who comes across well to the court.”

Dermot Casey
“A very experienced barrister who is particularly good at representing children in public law matters. He is knowledgeable, approachable and an effective advocate.”

Katy Rensten
“Superb on complex cases where there is an interlocking public interest issue. She’s smart and a great advocate.”

Nicholas O’Brien
“He is incredibly knowledgeable, modest and understated. He’s also very practical.”

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