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Dr. Bianca Jackson’s latest article for Family Law Week, “Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman” examines the issue of post adoption contact after the Children and Families Act 2014.

“Historically, the courts have taken a conservative approach when considering post-adoption contact between a child and her birth parents/relatives. A “clean break,” whereby the child has no post-adoption contact with her biological family, was posited as the best way in which to secure the stability and security of the child and of the adopters in their care of the child.1  In recent years, however, there has been a shift in both social and legal attitudes towards post-adoption contact. Concerns have arisen over the detrimental consequences of closed adoptions, in particular the adopted child’s feelings of loss, separation, and lack of identity. 2 This is true even where a child is adopted as a baby and has no memory of her birth family: research indicates that she might experience stress from the loss of genealogical continuity; the loss of biological connection to the adoptive parents; and being different from her peers. 3″

Read the full article here: http://www.familylawweek.co.uk/site.aspx?i=ed192387

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