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Our barristers speak about LASPO effects on court system

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Both Shiva Ancliffe and Greg Williams were recently quoted by the Bar Council when speaking about their thoughts on LASPO’s effects on our court system.

Shared via social media:

“There are #children who are seeing parents when they should not be and children who are not seeing parents when they should be as a result of LASPO. “There are more Rule 16.4 guardian applications being made by courts since LASPO because parents pursuing private family cases need the child represented by Cafcass or local authority, storing costs up elsewhere.” – Shiva Ancliffe

“Private client family law is suffering the effects of LASPO. There are many more litigants in person representing themselves because their cases are now outside the scope of legal aid, save in the case of clear domestic abuse. These litigants in person have to deal with emotional & frequently complex cases, without ongoing help, and (worse) without the benefit of early advice giving them reasonable expectations as to the likely outcome. These cases are resource intensive for judges to manage & therefore cause delays to other cases throughout the system. I have had trials adjourned the day before because no specialist money judge available to hear the case.” – Greg Williams

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