Coram are pleased to announce their recent partnership with
the7stars foundation, a charitable foundation that works to support
the most challenged under 16 year olds in the United Kingdom,
assisting forgotten young people lacking opportunity to achieve
their potential through furthering opportunity, fairness and impact.

the7stars foundation is looking to provide funding in line with its giving priorities of
‘Abuse’ ‘Addiction’ ‘Homelessness’ and ‘Child Carers’.

Grants of £200–£2500 are available for all kinds of projects for children from the big to
the small – just something that could make a discernible difference to a young person’s
life, such as accommodation assistance, support with educational equipment or
training, music or art courses, private therapeutic treatment or counselling, or funding
for organised activities and family trips.

Coram is inviting funding applications from lawyers involved in children cases, social
workers or Guardians.

These applications will be presented to the trustees of the7stars foundation at
meetings in March, June, September and December.

Just fill out the application form with the details of the project or idea you would like
to apply for on behalf of a young person. If selected, the funds will be made out directly
to the service provider, so please provide their details and the timeline for the funding.

Thanks for your time and for assisting us help young people achieve their potential.