Coram Chambers is very proud of its pupillage system. We have traditionally recruited our junior tenants from our pupils and have built a strong team of juniors in so doing. We see pupillage as vitally important, not only for our pupils and for chambers, but also in supporting the future of the Bar as a whole.

Our pupils receive practical and theoretical training at the highest level and of the highest quality. We have implemented training provided by members of chambers of all seniority. We have designed an informal advocacy and written assessments scheme to take place throughout the year, preparing pupils before they ‘get on their feet’.

We have a mentoring scheme which ensures that legal, practical and pastoral issues or concerns can be raised and addressed appropriately. We have always ensured that our pupils are supported, and the ethos of chambers as an approachable and friendly set ensures that this is a reality.

Pupils have three supervisors throughout the year and will experience the whole range of work undertaken in chambers. This ensures that pupils gain valuable knowledge and experience of leading cases, high profile and sensitive work, with complicated legal and factual issues and often at the very forefront of legal developments.

Members of Chambers are regularly participating in lectures, events and in writing articles and pupils are encouraged and supported to participate and to undertake speaking or writing commitments of their own.

Pupillages Offered and the Pupillage Award

We offer two fully funded 12-month specialist family law pupillages each year with an award of £22,500. In addition to the pupillage award pupils are entitled to retain their own second six earnings (recent experience suggests that this is in the region of £10,000).

The Application Process

Coram Chambers is no longer part of the Pupillage Gateway. Applications for pupillages commencing in October 2018 should be made in the application form available from this page. Please also complete the equality and diversity monitoring form which is also available from this page (although you are not obligated to do so – in the event that you do not wish to complete it please attach a blank form with your application).

Chambers follows the Pupillage Gateway timetable. Accordingly the deadline for applications is 11am on 7th February 2017. Applications submitted after this time will not be accepted. Please do not submit a CV or covering letter with your application form as these will be disregarded.

Please scan your completed and signed application form and save as a PDF document in the following format: ‘Coram Pupillage Application 2018 – FULL NAME’. Please send your completed application form (together with the equality and diversity monitoring form) to Gillian Maguire at with the subject heading ‘Coram Pupillage Application 2018 – FULL NAME’.

Chambers has one round of pupillage interviews only. These will likely be held in April 2017. Successful candidates will be notified in accordance with the Pupillage Gateway timetable on 3 May 2017.

If you have any other questions about pupillage or life at Coram please do get in touch by emailing


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Coram Pupillage Application Form

Coram Chambers Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form

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